Sant Kreal Regal

(INT Multi CH Sant Kreal Zeus x Sant Kreal Citadel)

Whelped: 05/15/2015





vWD - Clear (by parentage)

Eyes - CERF Clear 2016

Liver - Normal

Kidney - Normal

Thyroid - OFA Normal

Hips - OFA Excellent

Elbows - OFA Normal

Cardiac - OFA Normal: Practitioner

24 Hour Holter December 2019 - Normal

DM - Clear

Deafness and Vestibular Syndrome of Dobermans,DVDob, DINGS - Clear

DNA tested through Embark with the DDP (Doberman Diversity Project)


Regal's Sire

INT Multi CH Sant Kreal Zeus

(Multi CH Urbano del Diamante Nero x Multi CH Sant Kreal Ukrashenie)

ZTP V1A (R.Killmaer)
IPO-1, IPO-2, IPO-3
BH, ADPr, DNA-tested
HD-A/A (Finland & Germany)
Holter-24h-free (24.04.2015)
Holter-24h-free (18.03.2014)
EKG, ECHO, Doppler-free (2010, 2012, 2015)
International Champion
Russian Dobermann Club Champion
Russian Grand Champion
Russian Champion
Swedish Champion
Slovakian Champion
Baltic Champion
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Bulgarian Champion
Ukrainian Champion
Romanian Champion
Byelarussian Champion
IDC Honour Class Vice-Winner '2013
IDC Honour Class Winner '2011
IDC Honour Class Vice-Winner '2010
Working Cl.Winner on World Dog Show'2009
Working Cl.Winner on Golden Dobermann'2009
3 x RKF Champion
Russian Jun.Champion
Russian Dobermann Club Jun.Champion
Russian Dobermann Club Jun.Winner'2007
St.Petersburg Jun.Champion'2007
IDC Puppy Sieger'2007

Regal's Dam

Sant Kreal Citadel
(Multi CH Pathos delle Querce Nere x Multi CH Sant Kreal Ukrashenie)





HD-A (Germany)

ECG, ECHO, DOPPLER- free (23.01.2015)


Show Results
V1,CW,CAC,BOB, OANKOO Champion on National CAC Show, Tver'(RU)
V1,CW,CAC,BOB on National CAC Show, Tver'(RU)

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Regal's Pedigree

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