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Digital Holter Rental

Holter Monitor Rental

As a Breeder that genuinely cares about the health of my dogs as well as all others, I am offering my personal Holter for rent to individuals that are looking to diagnose heart problems, pre-breeding screening, or are just testing companion dogs.

What is a holter monitor?

The Holter monitor, named after its creator Dr. Norman Holter MD, records 24 hours of continuous heart rhythm (EKG or ECG) and heart rate (HR), while the dog goes about its normal daily activity in a home environment.  The Holter is found to be a far superior test when compared to the 5-minute EKG, simply because of its 24-hour recording time.

The 24 hour heart holter monitor is useful in detecting Cardiomyopathy in its early stages. Highly recommended for Dobermans, Boxers, and Great Danes to detect problems before they appear on other forms of testing.


However there are many other breeds that have been identified as being prone to Cardiomyopathy, such as;


German Shepherd

Bouvier de Flanders


Labrador Retriever

Bull Mastiff

Cocker Spaniel

Golden Retriever

Great Pyrenees

Irish Wolfhound


Old English Sheepdog

Rhodesian Ridgeback


If you are interested in using our Holter, please contact us for information regarding available rental dates

Our holter monitor and supplies come from ALBA Medical

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