Our Extended Family


Rocky (aka Bayne)

(CH Quiz Von Schwarze Kraft x CH Cessie Von Schwarze Kraft)

Bayne is loved and owned by Pamela and Michael Horvat in Binbrook ON


(CH Tahi-Reme Legolas x Deep Desire Von Schwarze Kraft)

Tia is loved and owned by Kris, Jennifer, and Danica Hebert in Dartmouth NS


(CH Tahi-Reme Legolas x Deep Desire Von Schwarze Kraft)

Diesel is loved and owned by Nicole Korbyck and family outside Thunder Bay ON

Diesel (CH Tahi-Reme Legolas x Deep Desire Von Schwarze Kraft) and his brother Bane (INTCH Petar Pan di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)


(CH Tahi-Reme Legolas x Deep Desire Von Schwarze Kraft)

Lewis is loved and owned by Marla Reed and family in Merritt BC


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Higgins is owned and loved by Alia Nicola and family in Langley BC


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Hetzer is owned and loved by Gary Boettcher and Erin Bell in Edmonton AB


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Bruno is owned and loved by Andrew Stansbury and family in Cape Ray NL


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Duke is owned and loved by Camille Denis and family in Fort Saskatchewan AB


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Harlow is owned and loved by Ben Schindel and Amanda Saunders in Edmonton AB


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Zeva is owned and loved by Larry and Kathy Randle outside Thunder Bay ON


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Onyx is owned and loved by Alexandra Power in Mt Pearl NL


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Heisman is owned and loved by Paul and Bal Thandi and family in Milton ON


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Blaze is owned and loved by Derek Sware and family in St Albert AB


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Spirit lives is owned and loved by Louis and Jo-Anne Chikoski in Shebandowan ON


(Griffin di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)

Hank is owned and loved by Rick Campbell and family in Cambridge ON

(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Bane lives with Courtney Korbyck and family in Thunder Bay, Ontario


I purchased my dog son ‘Bane’ from Hilltophaven Dobermans and have been blessed with an extremely happy easygoing puppy. I had the privilege of visiting the puppies in their home environment and can assure you that Stephanie spends every possible free minute she has with them from the day they are born until they go to their forever homes. Stephanie is a very friendly individual who is genuinely concerned about the well being of all of her puppies. Bane is loving Doberman who enriches the lives of everyone in our home. I was always a Black/Tan fan until I saw Bane, I can now say Red/Tans are stunning and my personal preference. I receive compliments on Bane everywhere I go, both on his appearance and his fabulous personality. He is a head turner and dare I say “absolutely GORGEOUS”? As you can tell I am a VERY proud mom. I look forward to ‘brain training’ Bane and working towards Obedience Titles in the future. Baney is a an exceptional animal and I love him dearly.

(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Belle lives with Mariah Mrakic and family in Thunder Bay, Ontario


"The family of Hilltophaven are family friends that I have known for over four years. They provide exceptional care to their animals and treat them as part of the family. Stephanie the breeder, is very knowledgeable about the Doberman breed and was able to answer all of my questions. Although I grew up with a family pet, this was my first experience as a dog owner. I have appreciated the ongoing support that Stephanie has provided, particularly over the first few months with my new Doberman puppy. My Hilltophaven Doberman (Belle) has a good natured temperament, friendly/loving nature and is easy to train. She gets along well with other dogs and is always up for a play date! I would highly recommend Hilltophaven...Count yourself lucky to have a chance at getting a Doberman puppy from this breeder!"


(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Lexi lives with Stephanie Camp in St. John's, Newfoundland



Bauer has since came back to Thunder Bay to live with us and we look forward to working towards some working and obedience titles with this amazing boy

(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Bauer lives with Anton and Catherine Manson in Halifax, Nova Scotia
My husband Anton and I are both animals lovers and have both had dogs our entire life. When we finally bought our own house we started to think about adding a member to the family, the fur kind! We went back and forth about which breed we preferred and finally settled on a Doberman. We love the fact that they are so smart, making them easy to train and that they do so well with children, as we are thinking of having children in the future. Then came the tough task of finding a breeder that we could really trust. After emailing and calling some breeders closer to our home we just were not satisfied with their philosophy on raising dogs, especially Dobermans. We finally came across Hilltophaven Dobermans. Immediately we knew this was the breeder for us after the extensive puppy questionnaire and the time and care Stephanie put into making sure we knew exactly what owning this breed would entail and if she thought our family and lifestyle would be a good fit for one of her puppies. We paid our deposit, which Stephanie made very easy and then came the waiting game! We waited six long months for our puppy to be born, but July 3rd finally came and he was here! She was very helpful in choosing which puppy would be best suited to us based on personality. We had originally asked for a black/tan boy but chose a red/rust pup in the end. We just had a feeling about him. During the weeks we waited until Bauer could come home to us Stephanie was so amazing at easing or worries about flying him to Nova Scotia. She answered ALL of my crazy panicked emails even though I flooded her with hundreds of questions. We had never purchased an animal through the Internet before and we did have our doubts (you hear of so many schemes) but everything went smoothly and on September 2nd, the day after our wedding, we drove to the airport to pick up our new fur baby. And there he was, with his sweet little tail wagging a mile a minute. He was perfect and still is! Stephanie at Hilltophaven Dobermans is truly there for her animals. She is not a breeder that is in it for the money, she is obviously there for her pups. My husband is in the military and we were thinking of moving due to his posting, but this meant having to give up Bauer. I spoke to Stephanie and not only did she understand and sympathize with our situation and the tough spot we were in but offered Bauer a home with her no questions asked. Her primary concern was Bauer and his health and safety. She just didn't want him to end up in a pound or in the hands of someone who didn't understand his needs. It just so happened that we decided not move, luckily, and we were able to keep our puppy. I cannot rave enough about Hilltophaven Dobermans, not only are they great support through the whole process and throughout your pups life but the puppies themselves are beautiful and definitely the product of quality breeding. So far two people that have met Bauer have gone on the waiting list for one of Mia and Petar's puppies. They were so impressed with his size, conformation and temperament which is all too often lost in overbreeding. If you want a wonderfully loyal, protective and devoted addition to your family and you have the time and energy it takes to make your puppy the amazing friend it can be, a Hilltophaven Doberman is for you!
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Zoe lives with Ryan Hamilton and Karyn Murray in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Dutch lives with Lee Gardner and Chantelle McGuire in Taylor, British Columbia
"Since my girlfriend and I live in Fort St John BC, we had a tough time finding the right breeder. It was our first time buying a pup over the internet, we knew we couldn't take time off work to see the litter and the long delivery flight across Canada for the pup was a lot of stress to take on. After weeks of searching, we finally decided with Hilltophaven Dobermans. Stephanie quickly soothed our mixed feelings and even went out of her way when flight issues arose. If you're searching for a Doberman Breeder and have the same feelings as we did, let me assure you Hilltophaven Dobermans will provide you with a pup that is beautiful, healthy, great with the family, and highly intelligent. If you are still undecided please ask Stephanie for my email or contact us on Facebook and we will be glad to tell you more about our wonderful experience with Hilltophaven." Lee Gardner & Chantelle Mcguire
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Tara lives with Patricia Lecocq, Mario Thomas and family in Hearst, Ontario
 "I would like to tell my story since I met you, your mom and dad, and saw how you take care of the dogs and the place you have for them, and I also want to really thank you for keeping Tara extra days at your home before I was able to go to Thunder Bay to pick her up. It was appreciated, and for a small cost it was worth it because I knew she was in a safe place even before I met you. Just by the way everything went on phone and by e-mail, sending pictures, informing me how everything was going, before the deposit I already trusted you, because believe me, usually I won't send money in advance because I know that on the internet it is risky.When we went to your place to pickup our little female doberman Tara, you and your parents made us feel welcome and comfy almost like home. Mostly you Steph, but even your mom and dad took the time to explain everything, what kind of food, treats, the care for the ears, explained the papers, you took the time also to show us the photo album of Tara’s family, and after all that the way you've treated us. If someone around here asks for a good place to buy a doberman I will recommend Hilltophaven. You are only around 6 hours from here, and a big A+ when I need any information, you're always there to answer the same day, I don't have to wait 2 or 3 days.""A big thanks again to Stephanie and her parents"
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Gypsy lives with George Menzies and Annette Jackson in Hamilton, Ontario
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Attica lives with Sarah Gee and family in Coquitlam, British Columbia
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Hunter lives with Janis Campbell and family in Calgary, Alberta
(INTCH Petar Pan Di Altobello x Anastasia Mia Kaiser)
Rufio lives with Luke and Brittany DeNaeyer in Princeton, Ontario

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